How does the Thermal Experience work?

The design of the Thermal Experience is to cycle through 3 stations: Hot, Cold, Relax.

Throughout the spa, there are different options for each station. You can mix and match as you cycle through them.

We recommend:
Hot. 10-15 Minutes.
Cold. 10-15 Seconds.
Rest. 20 Minutes.

Then repeat 3 to 4 times to fully integrate the benefits.

What are your rates?

Please find our rates and pricing below. All costs are before taxes.

Full Day Thermal Experience (Monday-Thursday): $65
Full Day Thermal Experience (Friday-Sunday): $70

Full Day Thermal Experience + robe rental + sandal purchase:
$93 (Monday-Thursday)
$98 (Friday-Sunday)

Relaxation Massage by Registered Massage Therapist:
$129/60 mins
$169/90 mins

Cottages: starting at $349/night
Robe Rental: $10
Robe Purchase: $99
Sandals Purchase: $18
Water Bottle Purchase: $17

My requested dates are not available. How do I book?

Check our reservation system to see which dates are available. If your requested date is not listed, it is not currently available. Further openings will become available later this year.

Why does it say “30 min” on Thermal Experience Full Day option?

The “30 min” refers to the 30 minute window of your arrival time. Once you get here, you can enjoy the Thermal Experience as long as you’d like until we close for the day at 9pm.

Do I need to stay overnight to access the spa?

No. You are free to book a spa visit without staying overnight in our cottages.

If I book a room, is my spa pass included?

No. When you book your stay, you will be prompted to purchase your spa pass at the same time. Be sure to purchase one spa pass per guest.

How many spa passes do I need to purchase with my stay?

You need one spa pass per guest, per night. If you are staying 1 night, 1 spa pass will give you spa access from 3pm when you check in until 11am the next morning when you check out.

Can I choose Male and Female and Gender Neutral locker rooms in the same booking?

Yes, you are able to book different locker room types in the same transaction.

How do I book a massage?

Massage treatments can be booked here:

When are massages available?

Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm.

Can I book a massage without booking the Thermal Experience?


Can I buy a robe to take home?

Yes. Robes are $99 + HST.

How do I buy a gift card?

We accept Murphy Hospitality Group gift cards. Purchase online at or at any MHG location.

To view pricing for the spa, cottages, item rentals, and more, view our RATES page.

How do I redeem a gift card?

Gift cards can be used onsite towards your Thermal Experience pass, food & beverage, and retail such as sandals and water bottles. You may book online using a credit card to secure your spot, then pay using a gift card at Mysa.

Are you a seasonal business?

No. Mysa is open all year round.

I’m pregnant. Can I book the Thermal Experience?

The Thermal Experience is not recommended for anyone who is pregnant. We’d love to see you for some well-deserved rest and relaxation once your new arrival is here!

Are there age restrictions?

All guests must be 16+. Guests under 18 must be accompanied by a supervising adult. This includes the lodge, dining areas, and spa facilities.

What is the cancellation policy?

A 24-hour cancellation policy is in effect as a courtesy to the business. A credit card is required for booking. Rescheduled appointments >24 hours are applicable for appointment date transfer. Failure to show up for the appointment will result in the full booking amount charged to the credit card on file.

How do I fix a mistake in my booking?

You can call us at 902-739-2112 or email us at

Do I need to be a spa guest to access the restaurant?

Yes, our restaurant is for anyone with a Thermal Experience day pass, a massage appointment, or a reservation at our cottages.

Can I bring snacks with me?

We have a full-service restaurant on site. Outside food is not allowed (except for anything related to a medical need).

Do I need to make a reservation at the restaurant?

When you arrive at the spa, our guest services team will ask you if you’d like to make a restaurant reservation.

I’m interested in working at Mysa. How do I apply?

We would love for you to join our team. View career opportunities on


1668 Greenwich Rd.
St. Peters Bay, Prince Edward Island
Canada • C0A 2A0


Open Tuesday – Sunday
9am – 9pm

Open Mondays starting June 3

16+ only. Guests under 18 require adult supervision. Includes spa, lodge, and dining areas.